The Beginning

I am on DAY 2 of the weight loss adventure, lol. I am not happy so far; when your daily caloric limit is 1500 calories you really do have to pay strict attention to every bite you put in your mouth.  I am determined to be faithful about watching calories and hope to add exercise in the very near future, (tomorrow if I can talk myself into it). I have “dieted” in the past but was super guilty of fudging on my calories, for example, if the Oreos are broken, the calories did not count.  I know you are smiling at that picture.

I am very blessed, I have a devoted husband who has never complained about the pounds I have gained since our marriage 18 years ago. I weighed 132 on the day I married my best friend and proceeded to gain 30 pounds the first year we were married, now I weigh 188 pounds and am 5′ 3″ tall.  Short and wide that is me, I had told myself in the past that I would never let myself be overweight, that I would never wear a size 18 in pants, guess what I have failed myself. That is why I am starting this journey, hoping to keep myself accountable, and if you get a few laughs on the way, “Go you!”

I am very sedentary, I consider myself a ‘hippo’ at the watering hole, just my nose and big behind above water. But I need to do better, I need to get moving and get motivated. I asked my doctor about bariatric surgery, and he smiled, telling me I needed to weigh a WHOLE lot more, well forget that. I am trying to avoid weighing 200 pounds, now.

I don’t want a ‘bikini body’ just to be comfortable in my own skin again, I will be happy to wear a size 14 again. I can remember wearing a size 4 in high school, ah the years are cruel, lol.

This is enough for a beginning, I guess. I am looking forward to the Journey with you.



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