Labor Day Monday

A day set aside to remember those who work hard every day to keep the world going around. It has been almost 20 years since in worked in the ‘real’ world, and to be honest I don’t do much in my ‘fantasy’ world, either.

I am still not coping well, probably because yesterday was my oldest daughter’s birthday, she was 33 and she has not spoken to me in 18+ years. It is tough when you are judged so harshly. She is married and has a 10 yo daughter that I have never met.  I have never been able to hold a grudge for that long.  I might avoid someone I am not particularly fond of, but I am able to speak politely to them when we do meet.

I have 3 daughters, and each one of them blame me for a divorce that happened in 1992, I do believe it is time for them to grow up and move on.  They blame  me for ruining their lives, but the divorce was not a piece of cake for me, either.  My son is the only one who has forgiven me for the divorce and allows me to be a part of his life. I am very blessed that he loves me and shares his life with me.

Do you have friends who are supportive of your plans?  Whether it is weight loss, quitting smoking, quitting drugs or alcohol, facing a divorce? Someone posted an ugly comment about my 30 minutes on the treadmill, this person does not have weight issues, so I guess it is easy for them to ridicule those who do.  I was hurt by the comment, and surprised someone I considered a friend would be so negative about what I am trying to do.

My mom has always told me, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” good advice to live by.  Just because you might not need to lose weight, quit an addictive habit, or face a divorce or other personal issues does not mean you should belittle those who do.

Maybe I will lose weight, maybe I am destined to fail, but if you feel you can’t support me then don’t say anything at all, not knowing how little someone respects me is easier than seeing it in print.


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