Wednesday, 9/7/16

What to say and how to begin, obviously I have come to the realization that 1500 calories a day is very hard to manage.  It is depressing when cereal with 2% milk, toast with a pat of butter and coffee with half and half adds up to 800+ calories.  I love breakfast, it is my favorite meal and I won’t do without it.  I realize I am going to have to make some more adjustments to my diet if I am going to make any progress.

The first change I have made is simple, when I am getting too hungry, I take a nap, I have discovered that you can sleep away part of the hunger, not all of it, but some.  I am skipping lunch, also, as my husband works 12 hour days and supper is the only meal we can share. I decided that by skipping lunch I was able to have more calories available for supper time.  I will try to cut out all breads, wow, this will be tough for me as I LOVE bread, any type of bread, at all.  So today I did not have toast, it saved me about 150 calories, so sad.

I have exercised 4 days in a row, which is a world record for me as I am about as active as a sloth. (Just think of me as Sid from Ice Age.)  I have walked 30 minutes on the treadmill each day and am trying to up the incline or speed daily. it is harder than I expected.

I have not measured myself as I am afraid what the tape measure will reveal…instead of  36 x 24 x 36 it will be 63 x 42 x 63. A frightening concept, is it not? I am trying to stay positive, but it is hard.

I remind myself that I have slender wrists, that  I can still wear my bracelets from high school, and nice ears, since I have earrings that still fit, also.  I haven’t had any chocolate in days, instead I am rewarding myself with prunes. Another sad story of my weight loss journey.



6 thoughts on “Wednesday, 9/7/16

    1. But I intend to throw it all out of the window tonight, Norman is taking me to Daniel Boone’s for my b’day and I intend to enjoy every mouthful. I will exercise and do without bread tomorrow. bad me


  1. Do you track your macros? I have a twin brother who does that and he sticks to the amount he wants to be a particular size and you can monitor it on smartphones etc and that’s really handy! Especially when you Blend it with good diet and exercise 🙂


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