Maybe Being Hungry is a State of Mind

I am still exercising every day, I have managed 7 days straight, thirty minutes on the treadmill, if I go this afternoon it will be 8 days. I know I am going to miss the weekend, I plan to visit my son and his family, hopefully the grand-kids will keep me on my toes and that will make up for missing out on the treadmill.

I am still dealing with being hungry everyday.  I try to drink more water, no help there, spend more time online goofing off, still hungry, taking a nap delays the hunger but doesn’t solve the problem.  I am not starving of course, it’s just my tummy feels empty.  So maybe I am not really hungry, maybe it is just my mind being accustomed to snacking whenever and not really realizing how often I do snack.  I read a lot and often I find myself mindlessly snacking, now that I am being accountable for every calorie it really makes me realize just how much and how often I have been ‘grazing’ in the past.

I know I am a ‘grazer,’ I think I always have been.  I avoid the lobby area of the hotel in the afternoons because the smell of fresh baked cookies is everywhere…even drifting down the hall to my room.

We eat out constantly while traveling and I look at my choices for a meal and try to judge how many calories are in a serving, how MUCH actually makes up a serving, how much can I eat (half? 3/4’s?) I know I can’t clean my plate, therein lies many calories.  My husband is a charter member of the clean plate club, and the metabolism to maintain it. Me, not so much.  If I cleaned my plate, I would never lose a pound.

I am hesitant to weigh myself. How often should I weigh, weekly? monthly? If I weigh too often I will be disappointed in the fact that I am not losing weight. So, for now, I am planning to wait until my clothes feel looser.

I will talk to you later. God Bless AinsleysNonnie


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